Band Links

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Atlantic Groove Band

Band of Oz

Carolina Breakers

Carolina Soul Band


Chairmen of the Board featuring Ken Knox


Embers featuring Craig Woolard


Fantastic Shakers

Gary Lowder & Smokin’ Hot

Hip Pocket

Holiday Band

Jim Quick & Coastline

KB & the Shifters

Lakeside Drive Band

Mark Roberts Band

Marsha Morgan Band

North Tower Band

Pizazz Band

Sea Cruz Band

Shag Doctorz

Soul Shakers


Tim Clark Band

Tommy Black Band featuring Christina Cooper Black

Too Much Sylvia

9 thoughts on “Band Links

  1. How do I get to the photos of The Night Move Band? Not on your list and you stated elsewhere that their photos were ready for viewing and downloading. Love these guys and I am so glad you finally got to see them. They need a lot more recognition than they are getting and I hope their exposure at Deckerz this year pays off for them! Just remember, it is ‘The Night Move Band’ not moves but move…..slow and steady!! LOL Thank you for posting their pics just let me know how to find them!

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