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As a courtesy to the Artists that has OD Mafia on their mailing lists for new releases we maintain individual web pages with a collection of all their photos taken by ODMafia photographers.  Please check out your favorite groups.

Pictures may be downloaded free of charge for your personal use.  Click on the thumbnail to enlarge picture.  Then right-click the center of the photo.  You will see the  ”Save as” option.  You can then download the picture to your computer.

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2015 Gallery2942 photos in 21 albums
2015-01-24 Carolina ...
2015-01-25, 122 images
2015-01-24 Marsha Mo...
2015-01-25, 129 images
2015-01-24 Memorial ...
2015-01-24, 108 images
2015-01-23 Ray Scott...
2015-01-23, 15 images
2015-01-18 Jim Quick...
2015-01-18, 93 images
2015-01-17 ODMafia D...
2015-01-17, 133 images
2015-01-17 Mid-Winte...
2015-01-17, 359 images
2015-01-15 Sylvia Ha...
2015-01-16, 89 images
2015-01-16 Tommy & C...
2015-01-16, 158 images
2015-01-16 Mid-Winte...
2015-01-16, 243 images
2015-01-16 Mid-Winte...
2015-01-16, 47 images
2015-01-11 Wedding
2015-01-11, 285 images
2015-01-10 Mark Robe...
2015-01-10, 44 images
2015-01-09 Band Swit...
2015-01-09, 257 images
2015-01-09 Swashtone...
2015-01-09, 87 images
2015-01-03 Carolina ...
2015-01-04, 46 images
2015-01-03 Gary Lowd...
2015-01-04, 200 images
2015-01-03 Carolina ...
2015-01-03, 143 images
2015-01-02 Hip Pocke...
2015-01-03, 222 images
2015-01-02 Ray Scott...
2015-01-02, 33 images
2015-01-01 Marsha Mo...
2015-01-02, 129 images

19 thoughts on “Current Photos

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  9. Hi Dan,
    My name is Mary Purkey and I wanted to say, thank you for taking the two pic’s of me and Glenn. Happy New Year; my friend. Mary

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  11. Thanks Dan, it was great seeing you… and ALL of OD Mafia, you guys capture everything, (and some things we forgot..) Keep it coming.

  12. Thank you so much for the wonderful photo-proof that we were at a REAL shag club!it was the highlight of our trip to Myrtle Beach

  13. Harold,

    Thanks for photographing Ken Knox & Company.. i apologize for not being in our performance clothes but you did a great job!!
    We look forward to seeing ODMafia out at our concerts.

    Ken Knox

  14. Michael,
    It was so good to see you Friday night. We had such a good time at ducks listening and dancing to the Carolina Breakers. Was wondering when and where those great pictures of yours that you took would be posted. We are really looking forward to seeing them. Thanks, Gayla

  15. According to the Lexington police chief the August 6th National Night Out had the largest turnout EVER. He credited the Fantastic Shaker’s with bringing a large number of their fans to Lexington to enjoy the band.
    Hayes Jewelers of Lexington sponsored the Fantastic Shaker’s appearance in Lexington, Mr. Bruce Hayes was on hand to share something else with his long time friend, Bo and the band.
    Hayes Jewelers had SPECIAL shirts made for all the band members as a way of saying thanks for 35 years of entertainment the band has provided the Beach Music world.
    Mr. Hayes would also like to thank Dan Summit for making the trip up from NMB to cover the event.

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