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81 thoughts on “2015 ODMafia Photo Page

  1. Dan…I wanted to thank you all for all the incredible hard work you put in before and during the CBMA’s! I have been so impressed that you do all of this for free…just to support the music, fans and artists…thank you so much. I appreciate the pictures of Summerdaze and my daughter Ashley that was presenting the awards. GREAT PICTURES..thank you again…so much appreciated. mitch

  2. Deckertz is my place away from home. Love the service n love the people. Great atmosphere. Can’t stay away to long at anygiven time. Best Maint has to offer. Janie

  3. As always OD Mafia…Great photos of the Carolina Beach Music Group Of The Year at Ocean Isle Beach Music Series…The Entertainers…thanks so much for taking the time to photograph our artists…it shows that you love beach music as much as we do..and that you are all great ARTISTS too…we luv ya!

  4. I believe so. He walked up..said we could get a little closer and took the pic. 🙂 Was early about 930. He showed us the pic and where to find it. Are you the only photographer there? This was Wednesday night.

  5. I did not see our picture in the 7/8/15 photos at Ducks. 🙁 I was told we could find it here. Do you not post all pics?

    • Teresa, we post all pics that meet our standards. If the pic is blurred we do not post. I can’t say what happened to your photo. Please look back through the album. Several photos were added. I hope yours was one of them. Thanks, Dan

      • Hi Dan..I looked back through and didn’t see it. He showed it to us and looked pretty good. We were setting on the right as you come in the door near the side bar. He had a black shirt, salt and pepper hair..I had a black and white sundress and have blonde hair. Hope you can find it. 🙁 please and thank you! Lol

  6. Thanks Dan for reaching out to Linda, as I was about to, Your instructions are on your website, I know this extra effort on your part, to have this website, all the pictures you take, and post, for everyone to enjoy, All Free,

    I know I appreciate all of your efforts and the bands do and CBMA, and everyone else, You are awesome.

    Judie Walters
    Judie’s Patio Party
    Judie as CBMA Board Advisor,

  7. I would love to get the picture of Rob and I dancing on Facebook but I do not know how. Can you help me with this?

        • Picture DSC- 0474.JPG from Band of Oz and two pictures from Too Much Sylvia @ University Place 05-07, pictures DSC-0101.JPG and DSC-0032.JPG. Thanks!

          • Linda, I put them on your page for you. To do so, select the photos you want from the thumbnails, click on that photo to enlarge it (very important, if you miss this step you download the thumbnail instead of the full sized photo). Right click and save to your computer. Then you can put them on Facebook in the usual manner.

    • Thank you Dan Summitt of O D Mafia. You do so much for the Carolina Beach music and shag dancing community, Sharing the lifestyle we have all come to love with a bond of great friends. You try to attend all events and functions, either in person or one of your Mafia troop members. The work you pour into this, the expense of your website so that everyone can view and download by their own choice. Absolutely free. What a huge undertaking, what a huge heart. God Bless you my friend. Also to mention, the CBMA Award Show and the huge tailgate party, you again so generously share food and DJ service. You are a mountain with all that you do for others.

  8. Hello! I was just wondering if you’ll be posting pictures from Saturday night (3/14/15) from Duck’s? I would love to see those!


  9. Dan , you always do such a great job with pics ! Thank you for taking your time to put it all in pictures for the rest of us!

  10. hi Michael..did you post 3/7 dj throwdown at ducks yet? and also 2001 when holiday band played..3/13/2015..maybe I missed them..thanks please reply..debbie

  11. Are you going to add any more photos from Ducks from 02/28? You took mine and my friends photo early, before the band started. You showed it to us and it looked good. I keep checking but you haven’t loaded it. We really want to see it. Thanks!

    • Hi Julie, Thanks for visiting our site. Additional pics from Duck’s are posted and available for viewing and or downloading. Thanks for visiting our site. Dan Summitt

  12. Hey Dan, just wondering if you were going to post the rest of the pictures made Friday nite at Deckerz when Allie was there? Hope Yall are having a good week.

  13. Hi, I was wondering if you were going to post the pictures from Saturday night at Ducks? I along with my friends that went would love to see them! Thanks! -Kristan

  14. to michael jumper..sir could you kindly put the photos of ducks 1/23/2015 friday night..i love for my family in england to see where i live in the winter..thanks michael..

  15. Hi Dan,
    My name is Mary Purkey and I wanted to say, thank you for taking the two pic’s of me and Glenn. Happy New Year; my friend. Mary

  16. Thanks Dan, it was great seeing you… and ALL of OD Mafia, you guys capture everything, (and some things we forgot..) Keep it coming.

  17. Thank you so much for the wonderful photo-proof that we were at a REAL shag club!it was the highlight of our trip to Myrtle Beach

  18. Harold,

    Thanks for photographing Ken Knox & Company.. i apologize for not being in our performance clothes but you did a great job!!
    We look forward to seeing ODMafia out at our concerts.

    Ken Knox

  19. Michael,
    It was so good to see you Friday night. We had such a good time at ducks listening and dancing to the Carolina Breakers. Was wondering when and where those great pictures of yours that you took would be posted. We are really looking forward to seeing them. Thanks, Gayla

  20. According to the Lexington police chief the August 6th National Night Out had the largest turnout EVER. He credited the Fantastic Shaker’s with bringing a large number of their fans to Lexington to enjoy the band.
    Hayes Jewelers of Lexington sponsored the Fantastic Shaker’s appearance in Lexington, Mr. Bruce Hayes was on hand to share something else with his long time friend, Bo and the band.
    Hayes Jewelers had SPECIAL shirts made for all the band members as a way of saying thanks for 35 years of entertainment the band has provided the Beach Music world.
    Mr. Hayes would also like to thank Dan Summit for making the trip up from NMB to cover the event.

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