Deckerz Bar & Grill

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17 thoughts on “Deckerz Bar & Grill

  1. Hello….some shots were taken inside Deckerz on Monday 9/18 and also entering Deckerz via the ramp….we had a group of 15 ladies and you took ramp and table shots, but I don’t see any of the indoor pictures.

    • I remember the photos you are referring. When downloading the pics from the camera I received a message stating “Corrupt Sectors on Disk”. Approximately 160 photos were lost. Unfortunately the photos of your group must have been part of those lost. My apologies. Hopefully, we will see you out today and can try again. Thanks, Dan.

  2. WOW.. What a great Crowd of really good people .. Thanks for your support.. The SOUL SHAKERS had a Blast .. Hope to see all of y’all in August when we are back at Deckerz. Thanks Again !!!

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