Duck’s Beach & Night Club

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40 thoughts on “Duck’s Beach & Night Club

  1. Hi! You took a couple photos of me and 2 friends on 6/17/16 at Ducks listening to music outside. Will you be posting those from that night or can I buy them from you? Thank you!

  2. Great night was had by everyone- especially us VA ladies are y’all posting pictures from Smoking Hot band last Saturday North MB??

    • Michael, You can open the pictures you like and drag them to your desktop. Or open them, right click and save them to your computer. Glad you like the pics. Thanks for visiting the site. Dan Summitt

  3. michael can you please post 3/7 at dj throwdown at ducks..and 2001 3/13thank you for all you do to many many people happy we love you debbie

  4. hi Michael could you kindly post photos from Saturday night at ducks..thank you for all your photos Michael..your the best Debbie

  5. Hey there! Still looking for the pics from 2/20/15 Battle of the Bands night at Ducks! Hip Pocket and Tim Clark.
    Had the best time and the photographers that night were awesome!!
    Can’t wait to see them!

    Thanks so much!

  6. when are the photos from ducks 1-23-2015 going to appear..all of you gentlemen ; that take the photos are top shelf! perfect gentlemen, you all give me a lot of special memories i will have forever! thank you so much..great work
    Debbie miller

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