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14 thoughts on “Entertainers

  1. Hey there Dan…It is Mary Waller again…just wanted to say thanks to Michael Jumper for a fabulous job on Photos of The Entertainers and Fans last Friday night at Ducks..Jan 23rd…He did an amazing job as always! You guys take the very best pictures and always get the shots that folks love…
    Many thanks to you again…and thanks for taking The Entertainers photos for purely selfish reasons…they are great…Group of the Year…!!!
    Hugs to the best photographers…!!!!

  2. Thanks OD Mafia…Harold Small for some great pics of The Entertainers at the Ocean Isle Beach Oyster Festival! These boys have such a fabulous stage presence. Thanks for capturing that in these photos! Great job…Thank you Dan Summit…I know you had a hand in this too! They will be at Ducks Sunday night Oct 26th…hope to see one of your great photographers there…I totally loved the night you handed out little ducks to the Tainer Lemon Drops and fans…such a unique idea! As always all of you are the BEST!!

    • People are still asking me for Duck’s. That was a lot of fun. I don’t think David Shaw ever saw any of them. We’ll do it again soon. Thanks so much for your kind words but we take pictures of the Entertainers for a purely selfish reason. We love the guys!

      • That is the very best reason I could think of for taking pics of the Tainers…glad you love them…we do too! Thanks again!

  3. Hey Dan..and OD Mafia…why no pictures of The Entertainers Band on 12/30/2013 at the Galleon? That was the very best show of the entire New Year celebration and no pics by the best photography team out there…looks like you might have to add me on as a photographer…consider it please…people are always asking me…why no pics of the Tainers on the OD Mafia website?…I love you guys..such a great photo team but it breaks my heart when you don’t show up for their shows! Will you try to make it next time?…I would appreciate it so much!!!

    • Mary, we love the Entertainers but unfortunately we cannot make every show for a number of reasons (costs being one). We don’t think a finer group of entertainers exist on the East coast. We love these guys and will try to catch their next NMB performance.

  4. Any pics of The Entertainers from Thursday July 18th at Ducks? And Holden Beach on Sunday July 21st…so disappointed not to see any…

    Mary Waller

  5. Fabulous Pics Dan…absolutely fabulous…wish you could be in Jacksonville North Carolina on Feb 2nd when they play here for a charity event! That would be so AWESOME! Thanks for all you do for the entertainment industry..we owe you big time for these great pictures!!!! Mary Waller

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