Marsha Morgan Band

The Marsha Morgan Band is NOT your typical beach music band.  When Marsha takes the stage, wraps her scarves around the mic stand, faces the audience and lights the arena with her smile you know something good is about to happen. 

When the first chord is struck, you know that this band is different.  Marsha Morgan’s unique brand of high-energy beach music is well received by everyone.  It’s like beach music on Red Bull when Marsha takes the stage.

 And what is a Beach Music Concert without a little Motown?  The Motor City envies the power and turbocharged sound produced by this band. You quickly recognize that this music doesn’t have a beat, it’s alive and has a pulse all its own. The rhythmic pounding quickly drives everyone to the dance floor.

 When the Marsha Morgan Band turns up the heat, don’t be surprised to see satan show to reclaim his weather.  This band is HOT!  Marsha’s sweeter than Grandma’s iced tea, stronger than cheap whiskey’s vocals radiates thru the night.

Marsha takes the audience to the edge then brings them back with ballads that couples love.  Be sure to bring a dance partner, Marsha Morgan’s “Did You See the Moon” will have your heart and arms aching to hold your love close. 

The Marsha Morgan Band members are all professionals and are great artists in their own right.

Whether it’s the Beach sound that we all love, Country, Pop, R&B, or Classic Rock, this Band does it all and does it masterfully. 

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