OD Mafia – Freelance Photographers

Dan Summitt – Founder/President of OD Mafia
Freelance Photographer / OD Mafia DJ / 2014 CBMA Nominee for the Michael Branch Award and Club & Mobile DJ of the Year Award / 2015 Nominated for and presented the Carolina Beach Music Michael Branch Award for dedication and promotion of Beach Music. 2017-2018 CBMA Shag Ambassador


Michael Jumper – Freelance Photographer
Columbia, SC
Michael is the most active of all our photographers. His contribution to ODMafia.com has been and is invaluable.



Harold Small – Freelance Photographer
Locust, NC
A great barbeque cook and a better friend.



Past Photographers that have dedicated their time and energy to make ODMafia great.

Alan Lusk
Boom Boom Quick
Heath Brown
Josh Brown
Pam Stamford
Dale King
Lory Rice
Greg Martin
Tim Smith
Donna Mills