ODMafia Photos – Deckerz

Deckerz Bar & Grill
Riptide Radio DJ Ray Scott
ODMafia Photographer Dan Summitt

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OD Mafia photos may be downloaded free of charge for your personal use. Click the thumbnail to enlarge the picture. Then right-click the center of the photo. You will see the ”Save as” option. You can then download the picture to your computer. Keep current of all the happenings at the beach. Subscribe to our website and you will be notified whenever new photos or posts are added. You may unsubscribe anytime. Thanks visiting www.ODMafia.com

2 thoughts on “ODMafia Photos – Deckerz

  1. Put one big single button to access the photos. At least two dozen friends say it’s hard to access the photos…

    Don’t shoot the messenger they berated me at a party

    • I don’t think a button would help. I have a button across the top that is labeled Photos. It’s the second button from the right and the only menu item in all CAPS. Also, in each of the blog posts in blue and large letters we have “Click to visit PHOTO PAGE” in a bright blue font. The major problem accessing photos was caused when Google (my storage site for over 700,000 photos) discontinued Picasa (we used their site for storage). Then in March Google changed their API and we were faced with more changes that really caused problems. Google will cache our photos for 1 hour, they also let us display only 50 photos per page, and made it much more difficult to sort photos by venue, bands, etc. the caching issue seemed to cause the most problems. We think we have addressed most problems with Google, to insure that our viewers have a pleasant experience visiting our site. We have also purchased a separate program that allows us to post the photos on our host (GoDaddy). These photos can be viewed by visiting the menu to the right of your screen. The last 20 or so albums are listed there and if you follow the links from our blog on the main screen you are taken to this group. Pages bookmarked before all of these changes (around March, 2019) are using links that no longer work. The surest way to view the latest photos are to go directly to ODMafia.com and choose the photos from either of our menus. The facebook links will also take you to the specified album. Please keep in mind that all the photos are free and none of our photographers are paid. Purchasing cameras, the website and programs necessary to make the site function are expensive. All monies we make from DJing and the small amount we receive from displaying Google ads are used to fund the ODMafia site and allows us to keep the photos free. Mark, we’re not going to kill the messenger, we appreciate the opportunity to share with you some of the problems we have faced lately. Thanks for visiting our site, we strive each and every day to make it better. Thanks, Dan Summitt

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