2024-05-02 Deb Browning & Marlisa Kay Small @ Deckerz Bar & Grill – Photos by Dan

It was a great evening as the delightfully dangerous duo of Deb Browning and Marlisa Kay Small owned the stage at Deckerz Bar & Grill.  These two beautiful and talented ladies brought Thursday Night magic to the outside deck in a way that no others can.  O.D. Mafia’s gray & crusty picture taker Dan Summitt was there to capture the fun and excitement to film.

Photos are HERE.

2024-04-25 Cat 5 @ Fat Harold’s Beach Club – Photos by Melissa

Photos taken at the main stay of North Myrtle Beach and Ocean Drive, Fat Harold’s hosted one of the most popular bands at the beach, Cat5 Band.  The dance floor was rocking and the band was bringing the thunder and lightning that is Cat5.  O.D. Mafia’s beautiful and multi-talented photographer brings her own excitement as she captures the memories for us to enjoy.

Photos are HERE.

2024-04-23 Out & About with Melissa @ Fat Harold’s, O.D. Arcade, Spanish Galleon

O.D. Mafia’s very own Ms Sunshine and Lollipops, Melissa Hinson filled her pockets full of sparkles and smiles and proceeded to spread them all over downtown Ocean Drive as she captured moments at the venues that are the very essence of North Myrtle Beach. Her day began at Fat Harold’s Beach Club, she then journeyed to the O.D. Arcade, from there it was a short trek to the Spanish Galleon  You can follow her adventure by following the link below.

Photos are HERE.

2024-04-23 Jeff James @ Maxwell’s-Billy the Kids – Dan Summitt & Pam Gilbert

Photos taken at the ever-popular restaurant & bar, Billy the Kids/Maxwell’s is definitely the place to be on Tuesday nights if you like great food and super entertainment.   Their prime rib special can’t be beat and the service is outstanding.  When you add our country super-star, Jeff James you have all the making of a great date night.  Photos taken by the lovely Pam Gilbert and the gray and gruff Dan Summitt are posted.

Photos are HERE.

2024-04-20 Susan Trexler’s Album Release Celebration @ Tailgate’s – Patsy Heatley

O.D. Mafia’s beautiful and talented Patsy Heatley is back at the beach and capturing moments and memories wherever she happens to be.  Saturday found her at Tailgate’s snapping photos of the super-talented Susan Trexler at her album release party.  Susan and Donny Trexler are dignitaries of beach music and loved celebrities of all the locals.

Super Photos Are Here.

2024-04-20 Donny & Susan Trexler @ Tailgates – Photos by Melissa and Dan

True legends of beach, Donny and Susan Trexler performed at Tailgate’s in Cherry Grove.  It was the release of Susan’s latest album, “Whole Lotta Susan”.  Between Donny and Susan they have ten thousand albums released and all are great.  You need this album!!!  The lovely Melissa Hinson and the crusty, ill-tempered gray haired picture taker was also there to capture the beach music magic that is the Trexlers.  Photos are here.

2024-04-19 Out & About with Melissa featuring RiverMist – Jeff James

Photos taken by O.D. Mafia’s beautiful and multi-talented Melissa Hinson was out and about with a pockets full of smiles and rainbows capturing the magical moments of SOS and adding her own charm and excitement.  The CBMA award winning Rivermist filled the dance floor at Duck’s while Jeff James had Duck’s Sidewalk Cafe rockin’ to the sounds of country classics.  Melissa ventured to the award winning Show Club of the Years for centuries, Deckerz Bar & Grill where Ray Scott was doing his thing.  Too many stars to mention made guest appearances including Marlisa Kay Small and Deb Browning.  Check out the photos HERE.

2024-04-18 Band Of Oz @ the Shag’s 40th – Part I

It was a warm, comfortable evening at the legendary horseshoe in North Myrtle Beach as local politicians, radio personalities, shaggers, and the world-renowned Band of Oz and their thousands of fans gathered to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of “the shag” becoming our official state dance.  It was only fitting that the Band of Oz was asked to perform at this event.  The Band of Oz is the epitome of a party band and no one can fill a dance floor or horseshoe like the BOZ.  Their tunes, both old and new brings forth smiles and heartfelt love for the music and our “life in flip flop philosophy”.  Too many magical moments for one picture Album.  Be sure to check out Album 1 & 2.


2014-04-16 Jeff James @ Maxwell’s – Pics by Pam Gilbert & Dan

Another fun night at Maxwell’s – Billy the Kid’s as Jeff James brought his country revue to the packed restaurant/club.  Jeff was joined by the beautiful and talented Marlisa Kay Small.  The prime rib was cooked to perfection. At $15.99 for prime rib, baked potato, salad and a drink it’s certainly a bargain.  Photos taken by O.D. Mafia photographer Dan Summitt are posted and available for viewing and or downloading.  Follow this link for photos.


2024-04-13 Marlisa Kay Small & Harold Smith @ Goodfella’s on 2nd – Photos by Dan Summitt

Harold Smith portrayed the knight in shining armor as he stepped in to assist our fair maiden, Melissa Kay Small.  The lovely Deb Browning and Marlisa together forms what O.D. Mafia lovingly refers to as the Delightfully Dangerous Duo is recovering from surgery, Jeff James was to step in but he was stricken with the infamous beach crud.  Harold Smith, keyboard & vocals with Smokin’ Hot teamed with Marlisa to make a night that all will remember.  Photos are posted and can be viewed here.