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OD Mafia is a family of friends, locals, and beach lovers dedicated to promoting and preserving Carolina Beach Music that has given birth to the lifestyle and culture indicative of North Myrtle Beach. Our life in flip-flop philosophy drives us to follow our hearts as we allow the strength of the sea, the serenity of the sky and the wisdom of the sand to shape our soul. We long for another day in paradise and thankful for the ones we’ve shared with friends.

 We’re here to have fun. It’s not about worry, not about drama and it’s dang sure not about socks! Primarily, it’s about you.  We are not associated with any of the local clubs, restaurants, or bands.  We appreciate all they do for us and want to promote their establishments and wish them continued success.  You’ll find quite a few pictures of folks having a great time on our pages.  These pictures can always be downloaded for free at ODMafia (that’s an offer you can’t refuse). 

The ODMafia has several photographers available to capture any event you may have.  We also have professional DeeJays that we can provide for your special occasion or we can recommend a band and arrange the bookings.  ODMafia, Noise Makers and Picture Takers!!!

Fasten your seat belts and put your tray tables in the upright position. It’s On! We’re going for a ride!!!


17 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hey Michael,
    Any chance of getting pictures from October 2018 made at Ducks. If so, contact me at phone number 706-769-5058. We live in Georgia and these pictures were great that you took of us.
    Please call me. Nell Jordan

  2. Hi! Michael took some pictures of us Friday and Saturday night at Ducks but I can’t find link to view pictures! Thanks

    • Hi Dianne, Are you having trouble viewing the OD Beach Music Festival or is the problem saving a photo to your computer? Thanks and thanks for visiting.

  3. Mike, clean your cache or try another browser. We’ve had over 5,000 visitors today and this is the first I’ve heard of it not loading. I checked on Debby’s IPAD, my android phone and Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome and all of them loaded the pics with no problem. Make sure you are using a current link to the photos. When google made changes to their api it affected the pages. Some of the links are out dated. http://odmafia.com/odmafia-photos-albums/

    • We store our photos on google. Two major changes affect us, they have instituted a quota that limits the number of daily views to 10,000 and they are cashing for only 30 minutes at a time. We are trying to work through both issues. We have been assured that the next update will address these issues as well as others that may be causing problems. Be sure to flush cashe on your device, also always go to http://www.ODMafia.com and use the link their for the Photo page. The older links are outdated due to the change in ISP.

  4. Hey Dan:

    We’d like to contact you about doing some DJ work at The Surf Club but can’t find a contact number for you. Please reply to this email with a contact number. Thanks in advance.

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