2023-01-14 Joe Jenkins 80th B’day Party @ O.D. Arcade – Photos by Melissa

What a party!!!  North Myrtle Beach celebrated the birthday of the ageless and fun-loving Joe Jenkins.  Joe and Jean are known throughout the beach and considered friends by all.  O.D. Mafia photographers know wherever this couple goes, fun is sure to follow.  Melissa Hinson, O.D. Mafia’s sweet & sassy photographer extraordinaire was there with a pocket full of sunshine and smiles to brighten the day and add to the excitement.  Photos can be found by following this link.

2024-01-14 Joe Jenkins 80th B’day Party @ O.D. Arcade – Photos by Robin

It was much fun and games at O.D. Arcade as North Myrtle Beach celebrated the Birthday of the ageless Joe Jenkins.  Joe and his lovely wife Jean have become icons of the beach and their many friends were present to wish Joe the best!  O.D. Mafia’s own beautiful and talented photographer, Robin Cloud was also in attendance to capture the fun and excitement that accompanies her wherever she may be. Photos can be found HERE.

22024-01-05 Jeff James @ Dillon Motor Speedway – Photos by Melissa

O.D. Mafia’s very own Ms Sunshine and Lolllipops took her camera and a pocket full of smiles to the Dillon Motor Speedway to capture the country charm of Jeff James as he took his legends of country show on the road (or should I say track).  Cars at Dillon Motor Speedway aren’t the only thing cranking out the horsepower as Jeff performed throughout the evening.   Melissa captured the fun and excitement and added plenty of her own.  Thanks Melissa.  Follow this link for the photos.

This link, this link, this link

2023-12-31 New Year’s Eve Celebration @ Goodfella’s ft. Crazy Bear Entertainment – Photos by Robin

Robin Cloud, O.D. Mafia’s very own vision of loveliness celebrated the incoming New Year at one of the most popular restaurants in North Myrtle Beach, Goodfella’s On 2nd.  While there she captured great photos of the fun and excitement while adding some or her own.  Crazy Bear Entertainment kept the fun flowing.  Thank you Robin for the great photos.  Follow the link for great photos.


2023-12-29 Riptide Radio DJ Ray Scott @ Deckerz Bar & Grill – Photos by Melissa

Photos of the Riptide Radio Live Broadcast featuring multi award-winning DJ Ray Scott’s year-end review at the zillionth time winner of the CBMA Show Club of the Year, Deckerz Bar & Grill.  Ray is joined on Friday by Scott Beasley and together they are really a “fireball”.  Photos taken by Miss Smiles and Sunshine, the lovely and talented pride of O.D. Mafia, Melissa Hinson.


2023-12-27 Deb & Marlisa @ Patios – Photos by Melissa & Dan

The delightfully daring and exciting duo of Deb Browning & Marlisa Small performed at the hotspot of Little River, Patio’s Tiki Bar.  These two beautiful and talented vocalists brought the heat with their wonderfully wicked performance.  Photos taken by Melissa & Dan can be found by following the link below.

Link, Link, Link


2023-12-23 Christina Cooper Black @ Patio’s – Photos by Robin

The beautiful and exciting Christina Cooper Black appeared at Patio’s Saturday the 23rd and truly rocked the place with her talent and charm.  Lucky for us our, OD Mafia’s pretty as a picture Robin Cloud was there to take pictures of the appreciative crowd.  Christina is quite the entertainer as documented in these photos.  Follow the link.

Follow the link. Follow the link. Follow the link.

2023-12-21 the Formers @ Duck’s Night Life – Photos by Melissa

The Formers owned the stage Thursday at Duck’s Night Life.  This group of talented musicians had the folks swingin’, swayin’, and smiling a lot as evidenced by photos from O.D. Mafia’s beautiful and creative super-star, Melissa Hinson.  Check out her photos on the following page.


2023-12-21 Deb Browning & Marlisa Small @ Sugrue’s – Photos by Melissa

Three of the most vibrant ladies I know were at Sugrue’s to entertain their many fans.  The delightful and dangerous duo of Deb Browning and Marlisa Small were in great form as they rocked the onlookers with beach, country and pop hits.  The third lady was OD Mafia’s enticing and exciting Melissa Hinson, there to capture the smiles to film.  Photos can be found by following the link.

Link, Link, Link


2023-12-20 Sugrue’s Customer Appreciation Party – Photos by Robin

So many of my Rowdy friends. Hate I missed it.

It was all fun and games at Sugrue’s as some of the finest North Myrtle Beach Locals came together at one of the best, friendliest bars around.   Sugrue’s had their Customer Appreciation Party, and it was a blast.  All of us at North Myrtle Beach value Sugrue’s and are grateful for all they do!!!  O.D. Mafia’s very own extraordinarily attractive and super talented Robin Cloud was there to memorialize the evening. Photos can be found by following the link below.


2023-12-20 Funky Leroy Harper and the Allstars @ Local On The Water – Photos by Melissa

When the Funky Leroy Harper and his Allstars are on stage its all creating a groove that gets people on their feet and moving to the beat.  It’s virtually impossible to sit still when the rhythmic base and soulful sax seem to pulsate inside you.  There to capture all the moments to film was OD Mafia’s very own photographer, the bodacious and beautiful Ms. Smiles and Sunshine, Melissa Hinson.  Photos can be found by following the link below


2023-12-15 Jim Quick & Coastline and DJ Justin Rouse @ Huffman Annual Christmas Celebration – Photos by Kimmy

Melanie and Barry Huffman’s Annual Christmas featured Jim Quick & Coastline along with DJ Justin Rouse.  The party netted a ton of toys and bicycles to make Christmas better for many children.  O.D. Mafia’s own sweet and sassy, the beautiful Kimmy Bartleson was there to capture the fun and excitement.  Melanie, Barry, the world is a better place because of folks like you.  Photos can be found by following the link below.

Link, Link, Link